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Having a siding of a sophisticated style is sure to charm your neighborhood and even visitors. We have a team of professionals who possess a broad artistic sense and can tell which siding style will fit your building. Our charges are considered modest because we try to make them as affordable as they can bemodest prices for a glamorous exterior. We are determined to offer your building that amazing feel it requires and will certainly be hard to forget by passers-by. We work with the timeline you give us and do what is within our reach to beat that timeline.

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Siding Inspections & Maintenance

Every client's issue can be evaluated by Edgeline Roofing Services, who can then suggest the best course of action to take to fix it.


Siding Repairs

Over time, siding can deteriorate, and you can tell when there are many holes in the siding itself. When this happens, rainwater will start to seep in between siding and a home's exterior. The most concerning problem that can result from this is mold. Edgeline Roofing Services is able to assess this problem for every client and recommend the proper repairs as well as siding needed to remedy the problem.


Siding Replacements

Allow our experienced craftsmen to cover your building with quality siding, at a fair price. Edgeline Roofing Services installs the best product in the business, and ensures youre protected from wind, rain, and other effects of weather. Clad your house in wood, metal, vinyl, masonry, or composite, you choose the dressing.


Siding Installations

Edgeline Roofing Services is the leading installer of high quality vinyl siding in the Elk Grove area.

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